• Shanghai Watch 2022 Chinese New Year Special Edition

    29th Nov 2022

    For the 2022 Chinese New Year, the Year of Tiger, Shanghai Watch invited Tsai to collaborate on their "Artists" collection.

  • Martell VSOP Limited Edition 2022

    24th Nov 2022

    Presenting a festive Chinese New Year collaboration with Maison Martell, Tsai recreated the cognac house’s symbol of audacity – the Martell Swift – crossing cultures and regions to combine Martell’s spirit of freedom with a jumping tiger.

  • La Mer 2020 Special Edition

    29th Nov 2020

    Tsai was invited by La Mer to design a new concept for the special edition of La Mer Moisturising Cream in 2020.

  • Jacky unveiled Parody of Jay’s Music at Christie’s Art+Tech Summit

    05th Dec 2019
    Hong Kong

    Jacky Tsai, Christie's, Summit, Jay Chou, Parody of Jay's Music

  • ‘Tiger Express’: Collaboration with East & Oriental Express and Save Wild Tigers

    01st Oct 2019

    Jacky Tsai, Tiger Express, East and Oriental Express, Save Wild Tigers, E&O Express

  • Bulgari Rose Goldea Perfume

    01st Oct 2018

    Jacky Tsai, Bulgari, Rose Goldea Perfume

  • Jacky Tsai X GUM Installation

    21st Feb 2018

    In February 2018, Tsai was invited to bring his work to Russia by creating a series of bespoke large-scale sculptures and installation works that were to be exhibited at Moscow’s landmark department store GUM, to coincide with Chinese New Year.

  • Jacky Tsai X Sotheby’s Charity Auction

    20th Feb 2018

    A Sotheby’s charity auction of Tsai’s artworks was held in the GUM Demonstration Hall on February 8th 2018 to support the Moscow Museum of Modern Art’s Education Center.

  • Jacky Tsai X Linley Collection

    01st Feb 2018

    Tsai team up with London-based luxury design and homeware brand Linley to design an exclusive limited edition marquetry box that displayed a section of imagery from the artist’s 2013 Playing Card artwork ‘Poker Skull'.

  • Jacky Tsai X World Dream Cruise Ship

    01st Oct 2017
    Hong Kong

    Following on from the success of the well-received hull artwork created for ‘Genting Dream’ in 2016, Tsai was invited to devise a new concept for Dream Cruises’ newest vessel, ‘World Dream’, due to set afloat in August 2017.

  • Jacky Tsai X Genting Dream Cruise Ship

    01st Nov 2016
    Hong Kong

    In 2016, Tsai was asked to be involved in an exciting collaborative project that would see his artwork produced at it’s largest scale yet: on the hull of luxury cruise liner ‘Genting Dream’ - Hong Kong based Dream Cruises’ inaugural ship.

  • Jacky Tsai X Shanghai Tang 20th Anniversary Collection

    20th Jul 2014
    Hong Kong

    Spring 2014 saw Tsai team up with leading Chinese luxury label Shanghai Tang to create a series of apparel and artworks inspired by the beauty of nature to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary.

  • ‘Fashion Meets Art’

    20th May 2013
    Hong Kong

    Tsai was invited to show his artworks alongside Lane Crawford’s latest fashion collections, and created an exclusive limited edition print in conjunction with the project.