Bulgari Rose Goldea Perfume
Limited Edition by Jacky Tsai

01st Oct 2018

October 2018 saw Tsai join forces with world-renowned Italian jeweller and luxury items brand Bulgari to create a limited edition bottle for its iconic Rose Goldea perfume.

Tsai developed an exclusive design for the collaboration, which marked the second anniversary of the popular fragrance line.

Taking into account the youthful liveliness of the scent, Tsai conceived a refreshing visual display of vivid blooms and delicate artistry to create his unique piece for the packaging. In his signature Pop Art style of floral and Asian motifs, a garden of roses – the key note of the fragrance – appears in vibrant hues of pink, yellow, blue and red. As an added nod to the House, the distinguishable Bulgari serpent weaves around the floral display to form a decorative border.

No stranger to including inventive facades in his artworks, Tsai incorporates the silhouette of a woman’s face at the top of the piece – a tribute to the Roman goddess whose magic garden inspired the scent.

On describing Tsai’s creation, Bulgari says: “Rose Goldea blooms from a garden full of treasured flowers, where the seductive rose reigns sovereign. A sinuous snake silently slithers in, as the bright petals vibrate in release of its delicate fragrance.”

Rosa Goldea has become one of Bulgari’s most sought-after perfumes since its release in 2016. Described as being “subtle, feminine, seductive, sensual and passionate”, Tsai wanted to exemplify this with his inspirational design.