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Jacky Tsai’s Epicurean Studio

Compared to most artists’ studios, the first thing that caught our attention (aside from the art!) was how organised and tidy his studio was. When considering an artist’s creative space, one might imagine a room over-flowing with paints, working materials and sketch pads, a room of creative mayhem. However, Jacky’s studio held a tranquillity and freshness which must be productive to clear though!

With a big leather sofa in the centre of the room, alongside a coffee table and some foliage to create warmth, the room was almost a space of contemplation where Jacky could reflect on his work for hours. The ceilings were high, and the vast walls served as a tapestry- covered in his work; displaying beautiful large-scale silks with Jacky’s intricate designs printed onto them.

Various robes, scarves, dresses and gowns, from fashion collections were hanging in a corner with his designs on too, showing his cross over and influence in the fashion world. Jacky’s work draws inspiration from the his homeland, depicting traditional landscape scenes in a modern style, whilst holding on to the tradition of silk-printing which China is notorious for.

This article is quoted from Eyestorm’s blog.